Monday, 11 May 2015

Captain Taniwha - what happens next?

As the shark circled closer, investigating the smooth rocket ship, captain Taniwha tried to drive the rocket up to the surface but that exploded the engine of his small grey rocket ship and sunk it down further getting it tangled up in some slimy green sea weed. He had to think of a plan. At first he just couldn't think of anything. He slid into his shiny red seat racking his brain for the slightest idea he could think of, then it came to him. He put on his waterproof space suit and then added some water to a packet of dehydrated beef. He really hoped his idea would work. The beef was put in front of the clear window where the shark could easily see it. Then he went to the hatch and put his hands on the slippery handles to open it. As soon as the shark saw the meat it lunged at the space ship it's great rotten jaws open wide biting open the front of the metal ship. Captain Taniwha quickly pulled himself out of the ship and started to swim away just as the humongous silvery Marco shark crunched down the last of his rocket ship. The great shark started swimming towards captian Taniwha, he gulped and started to back up against the wall of slimy mossy cave wall. The huge grey shark was almost touching him them, kaboom the shark exploded. A pod of once threatened slippery blue Dolphins swam over and thanked him for killing the shark by swimming him up to the beach Captian Taniwha thanked them and walked to a grand hotel where he could stay for the night.