Thursday, 14 August 2014

Super hero gymnasts

On a sunny morning at 11 am all of the gymnasts from the commonwealth were getting ready for their competition.

Everyone who was about to compete was standing in the changing rooms. As they all climbed into their costumes , beads of sweat poured down their faces. All of a sudden you could see a rainbow of colourful costumes and gymnasts. You could practically hear the competitors hearts beating with anticipation.

The first gymnast to compete was superwoman. As she pulled herself onto the beam there was a slight cracking noise. She took one step then launched herself into a triple backflip to prevent the beam from breaking. When she landed she lightly ran a few steps then did a front handspring and landed with a light thump on the ground.

As cat woman walked onto the stage, twirling her baton between her fingers, the crowd yelled with excitement. While she was spinning around the bar ,throwing her baton in the air and catching every time, shreds of metal fluttered to the ground leaving the bar scratched and rough. She ran up to the springs and jumped, she nearly went as high as the roof.

When all the gymnasts had competed cat woman stood on the podium with Gold and super woman with silver

The end