Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Accident 

Bang! All you could see was a cloud of blackness. As the black fog stated clearing away you could make out the shapes of two cars and a child until there was a bang of smoke and an oily fire.

I couldn't see anything through the black smoke. My eyes stung with the heat. I could smell the smoke there was so much it was filling my lungs and choking me. I could feel my sisters tight grip. I could hear the distant sound of the fire engine and an ambulance getting closer and closer.

Someone started prising my hand from my sisters tight grasp so I clung on tighter but they eventually managed to get my hand free from hers.                    

I woke up to find myself in my bed at home. I looked down at the bottom bunk expecting to see my sister but all I saw was a neatly made bed. I called out for my dad but my voice only came out as a croak. I called again  but the only sound I could make was a croak, my dad didn't come. Fear gripped me and I started to panic. I looked to see if my sister really was there. I hadn't been imagining it she really wasn't there. Tears started welling up in my eyes. Then I remembered what had happened. I told myself to calm down, but the memory of the accident haunted me like a ghost on the prowl.

Finally my dad did come. I asked "where is my sister."

Dad answered "she is in the hospital." But then he  saw the worried look on my face and added "with a broken arm." Once he had said that I relaxed a little and calmed down.

Once dad had left I went back to sleep and dreamed about my sister coming home.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Hiwi the Kiwi Story

                                                                                                                                                             Dad told  me to "Put on my life jacket."

I replied "What about yours."

He answered  "Thanks for reminding me"

Once we were quite a way out to sea dad cast his line. Suddenly he jumped up and exclaimed , "I felt a pull!"

He asked "Can you bring me a bucket of ice?"

I answered  "Ok" and bought him some salt as well.

"What's this for?" He asked

 I answered "It's a salt water fish so you need salt ice, otherwise it will go off."  Dad started reeling in the line. I handed him a wet towel and he picked up the fish. It was enormous. Dad started jumping around yelling out how happy he was. He jumped so hard he made the boat rock. He told me it was       the biggest fish he had ever caught.

I whispered " Dad put it back under my breath."
"What was that" he asked

Again I said "Dad put it back," a little more loudly this time

He just stared at me then said "What, why on earth would I put it back?"

"Because it is a mother fish and if you don't catch it there will be more fish in the sea once it has had it's baby's.

Dad replied "Okay" and gently lowered it back into the sea.

 When we got back to the shore we took our life jackets off and unloaded the fish. We had three 30cm    fish.

Dad said " thank you you taught me an awful lot today."

"Thank you for taking me with you" I replied.

He answered "I should take you with me with more often."