Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Power Surge

The Power Surge groans and grumbles as it starts slowly moving. Your hands will start to sweat as it gets faster and faster. When they buckle you in you will feel sticky and sweaty. As though they are surrendering,the people around you will put their hands in the air. You will feel the ride get faster and faster. It will start spinning around and around, at first slowly then suddenly it will get a lot faster.

You will feel your hair blowing around wildly getting itself caught up in your cotton candy. Your head will be spinning with dizziness as you look up into the fluffy, white clouds. You will hear screams of  excitement and fear. As the ride keeps spinning faster and faster, you will smell peoples left over lunch. Every shape you can make out will be a blur like a smeared painting on a canvas.

You will be wanting to get off by now, although  some people might not want the ride to ever end. As the ride starts slowing down you will feel relieved. As they unbuckle you, you will give a huge sigh of relief. When you get off, you will be so dizzy that you will be walking in circles. You will never want to go on a ride like that again.

Monday, 19 May 2014